Delta Community

Founded in 2001, the Delta Community Group specializes in the design and development of enterprise class trading, liquidity and data management solutions across the financial, energy and commodity markets. Delta Community is headquartered in Switzerland.

Delta Matching Platform

The Delta Matching Platform enables Inter Dealer Brokers (IDBs), Energy Brokers and Commodity Brokers to offer their clients access to scheduled trading sessions based on mid prices determined and published by the controlling broker at the start of a session. Read more...

Delta Dealing System

The Delta Dealing System is a state of the art electronic trading solution to address the needs of banks’ branches, customers and internal business units. Read more...

Software Development

Our Development Team is composed of highly skilled, intensively trained architects, programmers and testers. Our entire R&D is conducted in-house and never outsourced. We are truly multidiscipline and ready to talk through your requirements.

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