The Branch Network and Closed User Group architecture enables designated groups of users to connect with a central trading function and, where required, to connect to each other forming a private network. Other Delta Community customers are unable to connect to such a private network.

Secure connections are achieved via encrypted internet links, a VPN or dedicated leased lines if required, using a thin client application to link client workstations directly to a server.

Delta Community Site

Conversation Servers

The Delta Community Sites are operated and maintained by Delta Community and contain the Conversation Servers responsible for authorisation, conversation routing and time & data synchronisation with the customer's site.

The Customer's Site

Client Application

The Delta Dealing Client application is a Microsoft Windows executable program. The Client is installed on the user's existing PC and is a light application with all data and configuration information being stored on the servers. The Client is connected to a server via the internet, a corporate VPN or dedicated leased lines. Access to the Delta Dealing System via the Client application is authorised using a workstation identifier which uses a combination of significant hardware elements from the user's PC and the user's login password.

Site Server

Where connectivity to the bank's internal systems is required it may be necessary to install a Site Server machine on the customers Local Area Network. The Site Server provides connectivity to the customer's internal systems, data handling and user authorisation.


The link between the customer's Site Server and the Delta Community Conversation Servers requires ca 1-2 kilobits per second when text is being transmitted. When text is not being transmitted the bandwidth usage is close to zero with only occasional diagnostic packets traveling on the link. Generally, an actively trading user requires circa 3 kilobits per second.