The Delta Dealing System

Cost effective electronic trading for your branches, customers & business units

Delta Community has developed The Delta Dealing System, a state of the art electronic trading solution to address the needs of your branches, customers and internal business units. Treasury staff in your headquarters can benefit from real time connectivity with their branches and customers, employees can converse with multiple counterparties simultaneously and traders can avoid the time and errors associated with creating manual deal tickets. We are currently operating in Europe, the Middle East and Asia and we are sufficiently flexible to be able to install and operate in most geographies.

Conversational Dealing

A conversational dealing system is a key tool for FX and Money Market professionals which gives traders access to their counterparties within a secure and auditable environment. There are significant benefits to be had from applying conversational dealing to branch networks, corporate customers and internal business units and yet the expense of other conversational dealing systems makes them very costly to operate and often impossible to justify.

Delta Community has resolved the cost benefit dilemma by providing a fully functional conversational dealing system at a fraction of the cost of other conversational systems. When you implement the Delta Dealing System you will enjoy unlimited simultaneous conversations, ticket creation, archive and retrieval and back office integration for Straight Through Processing.

Auto Dealing

Auto Dealing builds on our conversational dealing functionality and enables the rapid execution of trades between the central treasury and their chosen counterparties.

Auto Dealing allows trade margins to be applied to individual or specific groups of counterparties and is supported by our conversational dealing functionality when there is a need to exchange information, negotiate or challenge thresholds.

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