The Delta Dealing System is a secure system using industry standard authorisation and encryption methods

Data Security

The internet link between the customer's site and the Delta Community site is secured with SSL protocol using 4096 bit signed certificates, transmitted data is encrypted and packet integrity is checked. The local connections within the branch network or closed user group can be encrypted, if necessary, using the same methods.

Device Authentication

The Client application identifies itself with a hardware identifier before connecting to the customer's user group. The hardware identifier signifies prior authorisation by the local administrator and the identifier is verified before allowing further transmission.

The Delta Community Conversation Servers authorise a connection from the customer's site using hardware identifiers which are verified before allowing further transmission.

Password Policy

A user login and password is required in order to run the dealing interface. The password policy can be configured by the local administrator in line with the established local security policy to include, for example, historical password and lifetime controls.

Administrative Controls

The local administrator is provided with a set of tools to allow authorisation and control of the system by user profile. The local administrator is able to control, for example: